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Hackintosh Asus P5Q SE/R motherboard

Screen shot

Themed OS X 10.6.7 Hackintosh

OK so I got bored last week and decided I wanted to make a hackintosh out of my desktop PC (exact specs at end of post). I’m not exactly a fan of Apple in any way, shape, or form. I spend 95% of my computer time in Chrome anyway, so desktop OS doesn’t matter so much to me. But it’s something new to play with.

I initially started with OS X Leopard 10.5 because I had a copy of iPC 10.5. It worked well so I decided to upgrade it to Snow Leopard using iAtkos 10.6.3. First I had to flash a new BIOS that was compatible with OS X. I found that here: The upgrade didn’t work. I got a kernel panic. So I booted from the iAtkos disc again and this time used Disk Utility to wipe the drive and did a fresh installation. I didn’t have to use a custom kernel. The vanilla kernel worked just fine with my motherboard’s chipset and CPU. I didn’t change any of the other installation settings and I found the kexts (drivers) for my video and sound card later.

The installation took about 20 minutes. I booted into OS X and used another computer to download the sound ( and LAN ( kexts. I placed those in /System/Library/Extensions and rebooted. I tested sound and LAN and they were both working. Since I was using the vanilla kernel I knew I could do OS updates directly from Apple’s Software Update without messing anything up. I updated to 10.6.7 and the system still booted just fine. However, I had to reinstall the kexts for sound and LAN.

So that’s where I am now. I installed some programs to try out and did some theming. It’s been fun but I’m already getting bored with it so I might try updating to Lion soon. One great thing I discovered about OS X is the excellent parental controls. This led me to also make my daughter’s desktop PC into a hackintosh. For that one I used an older Intel DP965LT motherboard and Core 2 Duo CPU. I used the iAtkos 10.6.3 disc again but for this one I had to use one of the custom kernels included with that release. I also had a little trouble getting the ATI HD4670 video card to work. I didn’t install any of the injectors but let the bootloader handle it. I just had to use a DVI>VGA adapter because apparently the OS X driver for that card doesn’t do DVI out. However, it is working great now as well.

Leave any questions for me in the comments. Hope this helps someone.

Here are the specs for my system:

  • Motherboard: ASUS P5Q SE/R
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.83GHz
  • Video: NVidia GeForce 9600GS 384MB
  • Sound: On-board ALC1200
  • RAM: 6GB 800MHz DDR2
  • Storage: 36GB WD Raptor 10,000RPM SATA; 1TB Samsung Spinpoint SATA
  • LG BD/DVD drive SATA (IDE drives don’t work)