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Gapps Force Closing in Android Honeycomb

Lately I’ve been trying a bunch of different roms on my Acer Iconia Tab after having used the Virtuous Xoom rom for a long time. I started to experience a lot of lag and the gapps process would randomly force close. I tried several different roms after that, all with the same problem.

I thought it may have been caused by one of the apps that I restored with Titanium Backup. Yesterday I installed Virtuous Xoom again, but this time I didn’t restore anything from backup. I only installed the most important apps, and I did them one at a time to test them. After installing Plume, Google+, GetGlue, and WordPress I thought I was in the clear. But then it started happening again. The gapps process was force closing.

I thought back to what common app or setting it might be. I cleared the data for all my apps one at a time, and the force close problem stopped when I got to the browser. The problem is caused by the bookmark syncing option in the Android browser. It seems that when the option is enabled it causes force closing and lag. The only way to disable the setting once it has been enabled is to clear data for the browser.

Until Google fixes this I recommend using the ChromeMarks app available on the Android Market.